Even though Zanzibar has a long history as a spice island, vanilla cultivation was only started 20 years ago. Different from the big scale plantations of the global production centers, Vanilla is cultivated in small amounts by small-scale farmers in permaculture fields. Over the years, vanilla from Zanzibar has proven its high content of vanillin and is therefore appreciated by experts and amateur cooks alike. The cultivation technique and the gentle processing by the farmers create the fantastic Bourbon-Aroma in our Vanilla pods. Yearly we conduct vanilla trainings with our cooperatives to ensure the quality of our produce. Due to our natural farming, we can only offer a limited amount of vanilla each year to our customers.

Aroma: intense, sweet
Goes well with: Puddings, Cremes, Cake
Tip: Put dry Vanilla pods in warm water in an air proof glass, so that the vanilla can regain some of its moisture.