Award-winning: Pepper

Pepper originally comes from Asia and is a rarity in Africa. Spice experts however have always considered Zanzibar’s black pepper a hidden gem and one of the best peppers in the world. They were right: In 2019 our 1001 Organic black pepper won a gold award from the renowned Monde Selection Institute. The pepper plants in Pemba do not grow in monocultures but in a natural environment as creeper plants on Clove, cinnamon and mango trees. After the harvest, the pepper grain is blanched, sun-dried and hand-sorted. Due to this natural ripening and drying process as well as the gentle cleaning and hand-sorting, the organic-certified pepper develops a hot, soft-spicy and floral taste.

Aroma: very hot, soft-spicy, fruity
Goes well with: Every dish that is lacking the ‘special something’
Tip: Black pepper powder loses its aroma quickly, so freshly ground peppercorns give the fullest flavor