Nutmeg trees are often located in the shadows of clove trees in the vast, green spice gardens of Zanzibar. As soon as the ripe, yellow fruits of the tree spring open, they are harvested. Inside the fruit, a red core is found. The farmers separate the red outer layer (mace) of the seed and dry the shells. Only when the shells are fully dried, the ‘nuts’ can be cracked and their core, which is known as Nutmeg, finally lays bare. Nutmegs therefore are not true nuts, but the dried seed of the Nutmeg tree. The etheric oils inside the nuts add a burning, spicy taste to dishes. Our organic-certified are not only unique in its aroma but also stand out due to their size.

Aroma: burning, spicy, similar to frankincense
Goes well with: Soups, meat, potato dishes, desserts, porridge, eggnog
Tip: A pinch of Nutmeg in a glass full of warm milk helps with sleeping problems.