Organic Fairtrade

1001 Organic is an organic-certified spice enterprise, which stands for fair-trade, sustainable and transparent commerce. The company was founded 2012 as a social enterprise by the entrepreneur Michael Haentjes and the development expert Friedemann Gille. 1001 Organic is managed by Raphael Flury, a Swiss lawyer with professional experience in natural commodities. The company manages the whole production chain from farming to processing and exporting of spices. In 2019 the company was rewarded with the Monde Selection Gold Aware for its unique black pepper.

1001 Organic applies economic strategies to improve the social, ecological and financial livelihood of small-scale farmer cooperatives. Even today, many farmer families in Zanzibar are living in relative poverty as the traditional spice industry does not fairly remunerate the production of high-quality spices. The industry talks of `Full Container Loads` and `World market prices` instead of quality, freshness, fairness and transparency.

We are here to change this: 1001 Organic is centered on the livelihood of the farmer. We work together with our farmer cooperatives and support them to professionalize their production in accordance with European Organic Certification Standards. We are a reliable partner for the farmers and provide the cooperatives with fair business conditions as well as access to attractive niche markets. 1001 Organic organizes regular trainings and invests in the required infrastructure of the cooperatives as well as the farmer communities. Farmers who are producing in a conventional matter are assisted in transitioning to organic certified farming. Through a fair and open cooperation and guaranteed prices, our farmers and their families can profit from a higher living standard. At the same time, our support for the sustainable and gentle cultivation keeps Zanzibar’s spice forests healthy and beautiful.

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