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  • Raw cloves drying in the sunSonnentrocknung von Rohnelken

    <!--:en-->Raw cloves drying in the sun<!--:--><!--:de-->Sonnentrocknung von Rohnelken <!--:-->
  • Harvesting cinnamon barkErnte von Zimtrinde

    <!--:en-->Harvesting  cinnamon bark<!--:--><!--:de-->Ernte von Zimtrinde<!--:-->
  • Drying vanilla podsVeredelung von Vanillestangen

    <!--:en-->Drying vanilla pods<!--:--><!--:de-->Veredelung von Vanillestangen<!--:-->

Organic Fair Trade

“1001 Organic” was set up as a social enterprise, the main focus being the well-being of our most important partners, the small spice farmers. Conventional trade in spices has scarcely ever rewarded the production of top quality. Many of the farming families live on the poverty line because the revenues largely to go middlemen and processors.

By introducing strict organic production standards and a local chain with no middlemen, “1001 Organic” enables the small farmers greater participation in the profits. Farmers who up until now have cultivated in a conventional way are accompanied in the transition to organic agriculture by “1001 Organic”. Everything from planting the spice seedlings to processing and packaging are directly supervised by “1001 Organic”.