Organic Baobab Powder

 We are proud to announce that 1001 Organic will soon purchase the first baobab fruits on Zanzibar to process it into organic baobab powder. That means that we will add a new product to our spice range this June.

Looking for a new product, some time ago we stumbled upon the fruit of the baobab tree, also known as monkey-bread tree (lat.: Adansonia digitata). Due to its appearance, the Baobab tree is probably one of the most characteristic trees of tropical Africa. With a height of only 20-25 meters it can reach a trunk diameter of up to 10 meters. Studies on individual species revealed that the trees can become a 1000 years old.


Various cultures in Western and Eastern Africa use almost all products that the baobab tree provides. Also the African Wildlife knows how to use the tree to their advantage especially during the dry-season. Baboons, antelopes and other small mammals eat the fruit. With their trunks, elephants break out and remove the bark of the trees to absorb water when chewing the moisture containing fibres of the water-retentive tree.

For humans beings the fruit has primarily health benefits. With more than 100mg of Vitamin C per 100g pulp, it has an extremely high content of this important vitamin. The vitamin content is significantly higher than in apples, oranges or kiwis. The pulp is rich in antioxidants, calcium and iron. People in West and East Africa, where Baobab Tree populations naturally occur, people started to use the tree a long time ago. In traditional medicine Baobab powder is used in particular for the treatment of intestinal or digestive problems and to cure acute fever or pain.


The dry pulp and hence the powder has a light yellow color and because of its high Vitamin C content a slightly sour taste. The kidney-shaped seeds of the baobab fruit are up to one centimetre in size and will be processed into oil which has a high potential in the cosmetics industry.


 Baobab Powder is a so called “superfood” and is used to prepare shakes as well as an additive in cereal, sauces, or fitness-bars. The powder strengthens the intestinal flora without additional intake of chemical medication. The demand is increasing consecutively and has a huge potential on both local and international markets for food-additives.

1001 Organic is collecting the fruits in the Southeast of Zanzibar. Only non-damaged and completely dry fruits will be purchased from the certified collectors. The fruits will be transported to the 1001 Organic Storage Area in Mwanakwerekwe.


That is why 1001 Organic Baobab-Powder is produced in the most traditional way.