New spices have arrived from Pemba

With the arrival of the Maendeleo in the Port of Stonetown, a new batch of 1001 Organic spices from Pemba made its way to Zanzibar. Cloves, cinnamon and pepper were not the only ‘passengers’ though. Hundreds of people had to crawl down the steep ramp with all sorts of personal belongings before the old crane in the stern of the ship could unload the bags from the cargo area.

Just before sunset the truck was finally loaded and ready to leave the port. Fortunately the weather was gracious and the spices arrived safe and dry at the 1001 Organic storage area. On our way, darkness set in over Stonetown and the bags were unloaded in the headlight of a car. The new spices were stored in between clove and pepper bags waiting for export.

The Maendeleo has just moored in Stonetown Port


Passengers make their way down the steep ramp.


The crane lifts the bags over the ship´s rail…


onto the waiting truck.


Just before sunset the truck is finally ready to leave the port and the Maendeleo completely unloaded.