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The first cloves of the harvest 2014

In the new season 2014 the first cloves are harvested and are going to be prepared for the delivery to 1001 Organic. Therefore the Team of 1001 Organic traveled to Pemba to accompany the farmers during the lasts steps of production to the point of collection and storage of the organic cloves.

A lot of manual labor is needed until the aromatic cloves are ready for selling. At first the clove buds are harvested and afterwards the stems are removed from the clove stems.

k-DSC01154 - Kopie

Next, the cloves have to be quickly dried in the sun to preserve the valuable flavor.


The cloves are hand sorted to obtain the highest quality. During the hand sorting process, the farmers are sitting together in the shade and discuss the latest village news while sorting cloves.


Next, the dried and sorted cloves are being transported to the 1001 Organic storage in Pemba.


There the quality of the cloves is being checked again. Each bag gets its own identification tag to guarantee the traceability of each indivisual bag. After all this is done, the cloves are stored until they get transported to the 1001 Organic processing unit.

k-DSC01242 - Kopie

k-DSC01245 - Kopie