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Historical Pictures of Zanzibar

Till these days Stown Town receives its charme through the presence of numerous historical buildings. You can see elaborate squiggled balconies, historical facades and the typical Swahili doors.

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Life takes place especially on the charming narrow streets of Stown Town. Liveliness of the joyful people makes it so easy to feel part of the city.

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Spice growing is deeply seated in the history of Zanzibar. Cloves, also called “Kings of Spices”, receive their unique quality through the careful treatment of the farmers along the entire cultivation and manufacturing proccess.

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One of the most beautiful sceneries of Stown Town is located just along the seaside: The Sultans-Palace, besides which you will find our office in near future.

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Loading of our Spice Container

Our Container is prepared for loading with our handsorted spices: pepper, cinnamon and cloves. The whole team of 1001 Organic was hard- working. After loading our new harvest, the container is transfered to Zanzibar Port and therefore ready for shopping to Germany.

We were able to manage the loading of the container by good teamwork.




The Container on its way to Zanzibar Port.




The Container is locked and ready for shipping to Germany.