A visit in Morogoro

Last week 1001 Organic travelled to the Morogoro region in mainland Tanzania. Visiting local spice farmers was the purpose of our visit. Our main interest was in exploring local production methods for black pepper. The visit was organized by Mr. Ernest Likoko of MVIWATA, a nationwide network of small-scale farmers which headquarters are located in Morogoro.DSC_1311

Due to heavy rain some roads were difficult to pass and the trip up into Uluguru mountains was only possible on slow pace.DSC_1244

The local production method for Black Pepper was explained by members of a local small-scale farmers cooperative, which is also part of MVIWATA.20160428_111359

Seedlings of Black Pepper are tied to the stems of Jatropha-trees and grow up the trees. Jatropha trees can be found in great numbers here in the mountains.20160428_112538

The trees are cut at a height of 2,5 metres and the pepper plants grow along the branches. After some time a small pepper bush has grown. This method facilitates harvesting and increases yield compared to the traditional production method, up in the trees of the forest which is still applied for example in Zanzibar.20160428_104320

This very interesting field visit was finished at Kinole marketplace. The marketplace was built by MVIWATA in 2004 and strengthens the position of small-scale farmers towards buyers because they can bundle their goods in higher quantities here. Spices like cinnamon and black pepper and a great variety of fruits and staple foods like cassava and potatoes are available here.DSC_1278

After taking a group picture with some farmers and members of the administration of the market the way back to Morogoro Town offered some breathtaking views.DSC_128720160429_075531