A Breath of Fresh Air in Spice Forests of Pemba

After various farmer meetings, field inspections and our visit at the Biofach 2017 in Nuremberg, the team of 1001 Organic has entered with a lot of drive into the second quarter. Within the past months 1001 Organic focused on quality assurance as well as on the expansion of the product catalog and its cooperatives.

Production of Cinnamon Chips

Just in time before the start of the great rainy season (mid-March to late May), 1001 Organic finalized the last international orders and held some workshops with its cooperatives. Our farmers were trained  in prevention of contamination, organic composting and soil care by Aske Tange, our specialist for organic farming. Furthermore together with our farmers we improved their processing and drying facilities.

Organic Composting
Organic Composting
Collection Point

On the occasion of the upcoming vanilla harvest, we organized a comprehensive vanilla seminar in collaboration with our two most experienced farmers, which found great favor with the cooperatives. Our goal is to let the farmers participate more in the added value chain through individual premium quality vanilla processing.


In order to strengthen the prevention of contamination politically, we initiated discussions with all relevant governmental and private players. The round table discussions are finding resonance up to the ministries and we hope to develop  a sustainable concept for the strengthening of the agricultural organic sector within the next months.

Fresh Nutmeg
Nutmeg with Mace

During the search for new products and farmers, the team of 1001 Organic has discovered its passion for turmeric, bird’s eye chilis and nutmeg. In addition to our current spices (cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and vanilla), we introduced nutmeg in our product line and are looking forward to the next harvest of turmeric and bird’s eye chilis this late summer.

Bird’s Eye Chili and Black Pepper
Raphael Flury

About Raphael Flury

Als Geschäftsführer und unser Mann vor Ort berichtet Raphael in regelmäßigen Abständen vom Leben im Gewürzparadies Sansibar.Raphael is the Managing Director of 1001 Organic and is in charge of the company's operations in Zanzibar.